The travel portal ab in den urlaub will receive a new, dynamic IT platform and a modern brand design as part of the revision of its brand strategy. “We want our customers to have a simple, reliable, and secure experience on our platform,” says Boris Raoul, CEO of Invia Group. The new corporate design also underlines the strategic orientation of the brand: “We make sure that our customers have an unforgettable holiday. This is not only our promise but also our mission: We are the holiday expert for our customers’ most beautiful time. It’s also reflected in our new brand claim: for your best time” (“Für deine schönste Zeit”), explains Raoul.

The travel portal <b>ab in den urlaub</b> with a new brand image

In line with the motto “evolution, not revolution,” the logo was also developed further for the first time since the brand was founded. “It was important to us to ensure recognition, but also to make the logo look more contemporary, clearer and more modern and also reflect our new brand identity,” says the Invia CEO.

The logotype has been reduced by hyphens, exclamation marks, and top-level domain, making it much clearer. The typeface is intensified from left to right, giving the word mark a certain dynamic. The lower case is retained as an established feature of the brand.

Old logotype

New logotype

The colours and shapes of the new logo are inspired by what the brand stands for: creating perfect holiday experiences for its customers. The sun-arc with a reddish-golden colour gradient, still the central element of the logo, evokes dreamlike sunrises and sunsets and, together with the blue lettering, awakens a longing for a break by the sea.

The primary brand colours blue and orange are already familiar to the customer but now appear more powerful and of higher value and inspire the viewer in the momentum of wanderlust.

With the new, tidy look, the new design also focuses on quality and thus underlines the new brand orientation of ab in den urlaub as a holiday expert who accompanies the customer from inspiration to the end of the trip.

The new brand design will be gradually adapted in sync with the website relaunch and should be completed by the end of 2020. The new brand design, including the logo, was developed by the Berlin agency Isarspree.