Prague, Bratislava, Budapest – Michal Tůma was named the director of Invia Group for the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary today. The group is a major seller of package tours from hundreds of travel agencies in the region and has the objective of becoming the pan-European leader in the area of offering package tours with the most highly personalised service, which customers can flexibly formulate according to their needs and purchase online.

Michal Tůma named director of Invia in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary

Michal Tůma has worked for the Invia travel agency since its inception and played a significant role in building the Invia brand, having served as the marketing manager for the past 14 years. In his new position, he will use his extensive knowledge of the online travel market and ensure continuity in the planning of Invia Group’s new strategy. “I will strive to fully utilise my experience and to preserve the outstanding relationships with the travel agencies whose package tours we offer, while also focusing on improving the services for customers. With respect to that, we want to offer the possibility of being in contact with us throughout the process of purchasing a package tour online, even while travelling. At the same time, customers will be able to put together their own packages according to their particular travel needs from the comfort of home,” says Michal Tůma, commenting on the group’s new plans for the upcoming development period., s.r.o. formed part of the foundation of the group in its current form. The unique story of Invia Group began in two countries, namely the Czech Republic and Germany, where two independent companies gradually built their business in the online travel industry starting at the beginning of the millennium and subsequently expanded to neighbouring countries. When the Czech company Invia became the first e-travel addition to the Rockaway portfolio in 2016, it was already operating not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Poland, Hungary and Slovakia. Later that same year, travel portals operating in Germany, Austria and Switzerland joined Invia in the portfolio and thus Invia Group was born. Consolidation and stabilisation of the entire group was carried out under interim management in 2017. The year 2018 has been marked by the introduction of a new strategy for individual markets with the aim of creating the first pan-European online travel platform offering a new style of travel. This involves a broad, flexible portfolio of package tours with superior service for customers in the region of Central Europe and in the German-speaking countries.

In 2017, the Invia Group website received 200 million visitors, three million people travelled with Invia Group and 2.2 million airline tickets were sold. Customers are at the centre of Invia Group’s attention. “We aspire to form a relationship with every customer and to be in contact with them. We want to become the most client-focused service provider in the online travel industry,” adds Boris Raoul, CEO of Invia Group.