In the beginning,
there was an effort to help people travel the world.
Then, the story of Invia began.

Initially, two independent companies were operating from the Czech Republic and Germany, respectively. They grew steadily and expanded to the neighbouring countries: Austria, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Switzerland. However, they still operated separately.

Then disaster struck: the CEO of the German group died tragically, and due to other causalities, the whole organisation did not perform well. For Rockaway Capital, this was an immediate challenge: to build up a coherent group which naturally grew up from Czech and German markets spilling over to the neighbouring markets with the clear goal to become a pan-European leader in online travelling.

Not even two years have passed since the Invia Group got consolidated.

Thanks to our disciplined approach, clear vision and active leadership of the Rockaway Capital team, we have managed to reach a position of prominence in the DACH region. Since then the Group is growing fast.

We have reached the first place in the online travel segment in seven countries in Central Europe. Employing more than 1,300 people, the Invia Group offers its services to 160 million customers and aims to achieve sales in the value of EUR 2 billion in 2018.

Our history is not very long.
We believe we are still at the beginning.

Our Companies


Our booking websites had more than 200 million visitors in 2017 alone.

In 2017, more than 3 million passengers travelled with us.

In 2017, the total transaction value (TTV) was EUR 1.3 billion.

We sold more than 2.2 million airline tickets in 2017 alone.

Every good idea came from someone on our team

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We are proud to be a part of the Rockaway Capital group.

Rockaway Capital is a leading European strategic internet investor focused on internet businesses with a strong ambition to succeed.

Rockaway believes in value creation and in taking a hands-on approach. Besides the eTravel segment, it invests in eTail, Comparison Shopping, FinTech, Content & Media Publishing and technology start-ups.

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