a pan-European leader in
online travel services

We are on a wonderful journey

from Europe around the world

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We've come a long way

We operate from 7 European countries.

We helped meet the travel needs of 3.5m customers in 2016 alone.

Our websites had more than 250m visitors in 2016 alone.

Direction: Beyond

For all customers, we want to make traveling easy, simple and affordable by uniting similar businesses and creating only the best services.

How will we do it? We’ll use:

Superior know-how

As individual companies, we have been here for many years and we know what our customers want. Together, we can use our synergies now, and that’s what we’ll do.

Proven technology

A big business needs reliable and stable technology. We have that technology, which to date has helped millions of people to travel.

The best services

We are so big we can make our deals with other companies progressively better. We will deliver only the best services for the best prices.

A calm sea never made a skilful sailor